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Removable Foil

Forget the laws of physics and embrace the endless possibilities of the highly innovative and technically brilliant new crystal infused Removable Foil. Perfectly personalize any design with ingenious reusable crystal motifs as you simply stick on, peel off, and repeat to suit your mood. Which side of your personality would you like to express today?

Key Facts
Easy Personalization
Innovative Application Technology
High Design Flexibility


Crystal Fabric, Crystal Rocks, Crystal Fine Rocks, Crystal Ultrafine Rocks, Graphic Fabric, Graphic Rocks, Graphic Fine Rocks, Graphic Ultrafine Rocks

Product Features

Can be reapplied up to 10 times without substantial reduction of adhesion force. 

Applicable to solid materials such as plastic, glass, wood, tiles, or polished leather. 

Fully crystallized self-adhesive sticker.

Designed to be used on flat and smooth surfaces.

Transparent foil only.

Available in all standard colors and effects for Crystal Texture categories.
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The Art of
Removable Foil
(Re)Playing with style never looked so brilliant. Allowing amazing expression in playful pieces, these boldly chic bundles of joy add hyper-expressive and oh-so-edgy elements to any accessory. Explore an alluring world of wonder where artistic temperament abounds in silhouettes of explosive creative color, patterns, and playfulness all wrapped up in Y2K cool. Get set to shake up the accessory landscape and create designs that knock it out of the park then – when you’re bored – simply change it up. Spellbinding science, we see you!
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Joyful Expression
Patchwork Princess
Artistic Expression
Freedom in Fashion
Playful mix of detachable letters
A piece of plexiglass perfection, this chic and dazzling bag features innovative Removable Foil in our octagonal brand shape. Modern techniques enable the removable, crystal texture-based foil to shine in countless customizable ways, including its application onto hard surfaces, as presented here. With the simple add-on of crystalized Removable Foil, this bag moves from bold to breathtaking in the blink of an eye. 
Clever mirroring effect using different crystal surfaces
The oversized bow adds a youthful element
Monogrammed keyring inspiration for individual expression
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Primary Color Range

Bam! Boldness is calling with a palette blending blue-hues and playful colors with kitsch violet and faded pastels to amplify streetwear style.

Light Rose 223
Fuchsia 502
Crystal Royal Blue
Delite 001 L110D
Blue Zircon 229
Light Topaz 226
Violet 371
*Made to Order item – please align on minimum order quantities

Alternative Color Range

Tone it down with the addition of mid-strength hues and gorgeous greige to add soft glamorous shine. Every day was made for fabulous.

Greige 284
Crystal Silky Sage
Delite 001 L147D
Crystal Sunshine*
Delite 001 L141D
Crystal Orange Glow
Delite 001 L146D
Rose 209
Light Turquoise 263
*Made to Order item – please align on minimum order quantities

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