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Jewel Shape Flat Backs

Newness is calling with these show-stopping, classic gem-inspired creations reinvented to catch contemporary hearts. An expression of extravagance, with renowned jewelry cuts transformed into Flat Backs, these royal rocks are unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Get set to glow up with extra and elegance colliding in dazzling, spectacular displays.

Key Facts
New Transfer Motifs
New Shapes
High Design Flexibility


Oval Flat Back

Trilliant Flat Back

Product Features

Two new classic gemstones shapes. 

The two classic gemstone shapes complete the broad Jewel Cut Flat Back portfolio.

With these two shapes Swarovski has the strongest Jewel Cut Flat Back portfolio in the market.

Available in Hotfix and No Hotfix.
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The Beauty of
Contemporary Quilting
Let's Party
Long associated with royalty and elegance, the bustier takes a modern turn when play and color are added. This item incorporates Jewel Flat Backs, purposely designed for embellishment and embroidery. Refined with tone-on-tone crystals, the bustier is illuminated by an ornamental pattern, giving a fun and fierce feel to a vintage clothing piece. 
Imagination meets intricate design
Removable brooch integrated in Mandala-inspired design
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Ornamentation at its finest  –  contemporary craftmanship takes the form of a stiletto shoe cut, created with our Jewel Flat Backs in application to Alcantara® Leather. An accessory designed as inspiration for the vast amount of ways in which our wondrous Jewel Flat Backs brighten up daily wear and make it instantly unique once applied. 
Crystal and pearls meet in a spellbinding design inspiration
History revisited in rich geometric patterns
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Primary Color Range

Unapologetic with vibrant appeal, the royal trio of Sapphire, Emerald, and Ruby teams up with fabulous Fuchsia and glinting gold to reign supreme.

Ruby 501
Emerald 205
Fuchsia 502
Crystal White Pearl
001 650
Crystal Metallic
Sunshine 001 METSH
Sapphire 206
*Made to Order item – please align on minimum order quantities

Alternative Color Range

In a softer reflection of the three jewel colors, Aquamarine, Erinite, and Rose are offset by Crystal Metallic to create a “young royals” combination.

Aquamarine 202
Erinite 360
Violet 371
Crystal Metallic
Sunshine 001 METSH
Rose 209
White Opal 234
*Made to Order item – please align on minimum order quantities

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